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Developed for kids that love to play!

One day, at a family lunch, we realized how important it is for kids to wear sunglasses. After an extensive research and talks with leading eye specialists, we knew what we had to do. Redesign kids sunglasses from scratch to make them fully enjoyable. Often, kids sunglasses are just "smaller" versions of grown up sunglasses. Not with us: At SooNice everything was developed with our kids in mind.

Chris, Christina, Doris & Laura
- Founders of SooNice



Lightweight & Flexible

Our Sunglasses are made from ECONYL recycled nylon. Besides that fact that the material is won from wasted plastic, nylon has two other big advantages: It is lightweight and flexible. While other plastic is stiff, ours can be bend to a certain extend which prevents it from breaking. For kids sunglasses it is especially important that they are lightweight as otherwise kids won't wear it for long. ECONYL, regenerated nylon makes our sunglasses extra smooth to wear for hours.

Click-On Hinges

  • When we first talked to parents, most of them requested one feature: Unbreakable hinges. We double checked what's available on the market, but have not been satisfied with hinge options. Hence we sat down with our production partners in Italy to come up with a whole new idea: A click on hinge. If your kid cracks out the temple, well, just put it back in again. Easy as that ;)

Scratch Resistant

Our lenses are quite scratch resistant and therefore ready for every adventure. Going to a sandy beach? No problem! You want to explore the Rocky Mountains? Awesome! Nevertheless, if you ever happen to scratch the lens, get in contact and we send you a replacement lens free of charge!

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