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Custom made BRACENET sunglasses straps

We teamed up with BRACENET to give away a very unique bundle: Mint Green SooNice Sunnies and handmade sunglasses straps made by BRACENET. This very special package was raffled via Instagram in September 2022 and has been shipped out to a few luck winners. If you missed it, no worries - we are currently discussing futher collaborations and BRACENET products will soon be available on our website.

Made from old Fisher Nets

Just as SooNice Sunnies, BRACENET Sunglasses Straps are made from old fishing nets. Together with their parnters Healthy Seas, Ghost Diving and Nofir BRACENET retrieves ghosted fishing nets from the oceans, cleans them and produces wonderful bracelets or, in our case, sunglasses straps out of them. Just like our SooNice Sunnies are made out of ECONYL®, recycled nylon, that is won out of old fishernets as well. A perfect match for a collaboration.

Together we gave away two beautiful bundles, containing SooNice Sunnies, BRACENET Sunglasses Straps as well as BRACENET bracelets. Wonderful! Congratulations to the lucky winners.


If you are not among the winners, check out BRACENET products here and our SooNice Sunnies here.

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