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SooNice & Bebeige:

It's the little things

Bebeige is a home for accessories, basics, selected children's products and other beautiful things in life. They offer a small but fine selection of their favorite brands and products, which are carefully put together, implemented and tested in daily use. Most brands they represent are founded by women and products are produced in Europe. In Spring 2022 we collaborated with Beibeige to offer two special colors of our SooNice Sunnies kids sunglasses - Sand & Sea.

"What unites us, among many other things, is the love of aesthetics, details and the little things that make life more beautiful. We believe that certain things just don't go out of style and that you can enjoy them for many seasons - you just have to find them."

Anna & Nina
Founders of Bebeige

Founders of Beibeige Anna & Nina

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